Oinam Software

An all-code design and engineering service provider.

Do you need to move beyond no-code tools?

We are a collective of teams of highly experienced technologists, engineers, designers, and product veterans who can build products that work for your customers.

Why us?

We are a group of technologists who have worked together on various multi-million dollar projects for clients ranging from Startups to Multi-National Corporations across the world.

We have been successfully blending design and engineering, building products that customers love to use. We are a magic wand for you to wield and build fantastic products for the web and devices.

We are framework and language agnostic. We can write code in most modern programming languages and frameworks.

We are entrepreneur-friendly and aware of the needs of Startups. We augment your need for speed, iterative development, and general entrepreneurial diagnostics approach to problems.

We have extensive experiences in;

Clients and Projects

We are proud to have worked with some of the best-known Corporations, Startups, and Individuals — Aditya Birla, Boing, Capital NOW, FIAT, JP Morgan, Pearson, Razorfish, STARZ, Volkswagen, Disney, Zoho, et al.

You deserve a well-designed, well-engineered product.

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